Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some Things I Just Don't Get

One thing about the Internet; it can spawn more cases of "Things that make you go 'hmmmm'" than any book ever published or movie ever shown. Case in point: please compare the two photos above. The one on the left shows a beautiful sunset [or sunrise, maybe; who knows/who cares?]in the state of Hawaii. On the right, a classic photo taken in my home town of Buffalo, NY during the "Blizzard of '77" [Understand, here in Western New York State, only the BIG snowstorms get names. And the storm in January of 1977 was historically big. Click for an impartial account]. The point is, while I love Buffalo dearly, we occasionally get some really bad weather, and frequently have to deal with pretty poor conditions. I suspect this is not true of Hawaii [except during the occasional hurricane]. So how to explain the fact that a warm-weather paradise has one of the highest percentage of bloggers per capita in the US, with around 12 % of the city's adults [Honoluluans?] either reading or writing a blog regularly? Still more perplexing is the fact that Buffalo, the one-time "Garden Spot of The North", ties with Pittsburgh, PA, another cold-weather community, for lowest percentage of persons blogging, or reading blogs. Just two percent of adults in these two communities either read or write blogs [see, I'm part of an extremely exclusive community!]. (My source for this intellectual fireworks display, incidentally, is this article from Pacific Business News:;
then again, San Francisco was one of several communities ahead of Honolulu, and San Diego tied with the Hawaiian capitol. Don't they understand they have nice weather? Why wouldn't they prefer being outside to reading blogs indoors? There must be a reason, but for now, this stat is one of "Some Things I Just Don't Get".
-Mike Riley
PS: The Good Folks at "Bloggers United" are gearing up for another mass action on December 17th. You'll get more information as soon as I have any...



You are one of the few bloggers there, interesting and nice way of introducing your post by comparing the two pics.^^

Majik2903 said...

I'm not that far from buffalo and even though buffalo usually gets more snow than here, we still get our share. As for the highest percentage of bloggers per capita, my guess is that it can get too hot and people want to stay indoors with lots of Air Conditioning. You do need to find something to do if your hiding from the heat! Personally, I'd be out side enjoying the heat, it gets pretty cold up here eh! I blog to keep warm, mostly, check out Majik's Thoughts when you get a chance.