Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome To The Fragile World - A Blog Action Day Posting

Sometimes, timing is everything. Case in point: in the run-up to Blog Action Day, environmental issues happened to come to the forefront, in the form of the selection of Al Gore and the United Nations for this year's Nobel Peace Prize, because of their commitment to the environment. In case you hadn't heard, today, October 15th, is Blog Action Day, and the cause of choice is the need of all humans to take better care of the planet we share.

If you cruise across the Blogosphere today [and I'd encourage it], you will no doubt find statistics, and compelling arguments concerning a better treatment of the Earth. I don't have the statistics, and, for various reasons, I'm actually writing the dispatch from home, where I don't have T1 lines to make accessing those statistics easier. As for compelling arguments, is there a more telling one than the prospect of our grandchildren, or great-grandchildren being unable to enjoy the sounds of birds outside their homes, or to visit a forest filled with life, or even to walk down the street because the ozone levels are too high? Forget what we have already done to this planet; we MUST do better for it!

The folks at the Blog Action Day home site have suggested a few non-profit organizations that are trying to help, and could use your help as well:

-The National Wildlife Federation:
-The Nature Conservancy:
-The Conservation Fund:
There are other suggestions at; if you can help financially, well and good, if not, please consider the role your lifestyle plays in harming or helping the Earth. Reconsider those actions that destroy the air, water, and soil we all need. It takes a whole planet to save the human race.

-Mike Riley


kermitjohnson said...

Thank you for participating in Blog Action Day.

I did not participate.

However, I did write a belated post about an environmental issue that is important to me. I see a lot of people using a product in luxury homes that is very destructive in a number of ways. Check out this post, please:


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Your blog seemed like the right place for sharing this post.

Whatever you can do to share this link or help promote awareness of this issue will be greatly appreciated. Normally, I don't ask for this kind of help, but the issue is that important to me. Most luxury home owners are unaware of the environmental and human cost of these products.

Thank you!