Thursday, December 14, 2006

What Can I Say?

Good morning, campers...I couldn't be more thrilled if I tried! Only three posts in, and already I've been "censored"! (In the "brave new world" of the Blogosphere, I didn't think it could happen!) This all refers back, of course, to my last post, the oddly-named [unless you have a somewhat liberal memory for song titles] "Open The Door Richard" (see above). Apparently, in the course of my ramblings, I accidentally used words, or brought up subjects, that cannot be presented openly in a blog on this site [I'm guessing this, as the entry was automatically "adapted" upon publishing].

In the interest of fairness, I DO appreciate the fact that the offending sections were not actually removed from the entry [In case you want examples of what you can't say here, just go over the large, blank sections of the previous post with your cursor, holding down the left mouse key]. Apparently, you can write whatever you want, but the innocents who tred these files need to be protected from accidental exposure to such matters [By the way, the references in question were not sexual in nature, nor did they call for illegal actions, or the overthrow of any governments. Just in case anybody wonders...].

Actually, it's kind of nice to know that there's at least a token layer of oversight on these blogs. I guess I'm just a little surprised at what brings it out.

And it gave me a larger grin than just about anything that's come up in recent days. It was a pretty big "hoot" around the building this morning as well. Joe Chille noted, after hearing my tale of "bloggus interruptus", "Mike, you've always been a rebel at heart!" Well, maybe. Just another bit of "rebellion" [oh, oh, that word could get me in trouble...] from a 49-year-old all- night dj with heart trouble!

Being serious for a moment, I brought up yesterday's issue, and today's for that matter, in hopes of finding out what others on the Internet think about these things. If you've got an opinion, and want to share it, make a comment. I'd like to think this site can be a point of exchange between its readers [including, hopefully, some of my listeners] and myself. Jump in, and remember to use SpellCheck...

Well, I'm about to hit "publish". Let's see how much of this gets in...

More than I thought.

-Mike Riley