Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fast Away The Old Year Passes...

...and that usually calls for some sort of Summing Up, a look back and/or a look ahead. I'm not much at looking thru the windshield [Truthfully, even if I really had the option of knowing what was to come, I think I'd pass. I'd rather not know...], but as for using the rear-view mirror, that's cool by me.

Okay, what were the highlights? In brief:

-Topping the list, my relationship with my God is strong. Yeah, I complain about how things are going some days, but at least I feel like I can talk to the Deity, and that He/She hears. Sometimes I don't like the responses, but that's my problem, not Management's.

-The Woman I Love and I have survived another tumultuous year together. Some days I think we both had a doubt or two that we would, but we are still together. That alone would be enough of a high point for many people, but THERE'S MORE!

- We added another cat to the family. Though the circumstances were sad [the death of his previous owner] Webster has fallen right in with his younger "brother" Malachi [Some people think that addressing pets as "family" is a little creepy, but if you were to see them playing, wrestling, enjoying each other's company, the "brother" analogy might well occur to you, too.]. Sometimes I wish I could add photos to these little missives. If I could, there would be one of the two of them, sitting next to one another, staring out our back porch window on a bright summer day, watching the birds in the back yard.

-I'm still doing the thing I enjoy most in the work world, playing music I like, for people who, for the most part, like it too.

On balance, life has been good in 2006. I'm hoping for improvement in 2007, and I hope you see the same. Happy New Year...

-Mike Riley


Rose DesRochers said...

Happy New Year Mike. It is not often people select on the good. I enjoyed your post.

Laura said...

I know it's back in your archives, gathering dust and getting that moth ball smell, but that was a really sweet post Mike. Nice to read thoughts about family and such from a guy. So often men seem to post with so much bitterness about women and family. As a single woman (divorced once) it is really discouraging. To find a nice post like this helps me remember that men are people too. There is something between talk of politics, sports and greedy wives and slutty pictures.