Friday, May 30, 2008

The Immodest Mr. Cruise

I have seen the best definition of hubris, over-arching self-pride, that I suspect the Internet will provide for many a year. And I could go back for more [a very odd reaction on my part; I normally avoid such displays like I avoid the olive tray at a buffet].

As you might guess, the person presenting and presented in this masterpiece of self-celebration is one of the two people in the picture above [I'd ask you to guess which one, but we'd be here all night]. In the interest of time, I'll just tell you: it's Tom Cruise, and his new web site []. No, it's not the fact he finally has a web site [considering the beating he's taken, and continues to take, on the Internet, I'm surprised he hadn't done it sooner, in self-defense]. No, it's not 98% of the site's content [I'll be honest here; I haven't seen the vast majority of the site. Nor do I intend to]. It's not whatever he may or may not say about Scientology [in the spirit of tolerance that makes this nation great, I'll keep my thoughts on the subject out of this conversation; besides, they have nothing to do with the matter at hand].

Disclosure; I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan [as an actor]. It's not that I think he's bad or anything; I just usually don't go to the kind of movies he makes [the only one that I remember seeing all of was Rain Man. And I saw that one for Dustin Hoffman's incredible performance. In a movie like that, all anyone else really needs to do is stay out of the way. Cruise did that well enough]. But Cruise, or his handlers, or somebody, was smart enough to acquire the services of the staff at The Museum Of The Moving Image to put together a "best-of" reel. Whatever else any one can say about Tom [and the conversation started before this post got here], that highlight film is magnificent! Sound and image quality were both superb [when seen on T-1 quality access; I can't imagine this working well in anything lesser than Broadband]. And it does point out just how many big pictures Cruise has been a participant in. Were you to see this during an Oscar (c) telecast, you would stand up and cheer.
And that's my problem [not your reaction; hell, I'd stand up and cheer and, as noted above, I'm not a huge Cruise fan]: not yet 50, Cruise is beginning to make his case for a "Lifetime Achievement" award from the Academy. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it; that's for more expert movie watchers than myself to decide. I'm just a little uncomfortable when someone places the mantle of greatness on himself. Others should make that choice, not Mr. Cruise.
That said, I will go back to see the highlights reel. As a marvel of editing, it's a real gem. The rest of the site, probably not so much.
-Mike Riley


Rachel S said...

I'm a complete geek. What struck me most odd about that story was that the domain name was so readily available. (If there had been a big price tag or something, there would have been a story, I'd think)

Mike Riley said...


Between the huge lawsuits that are normally raised when someone squats on a "name" site [and lawsuits being a regular part of the Cruise repetoire], and the fact that Mr. C wasn't looking to use a name like "" [I wonder if that one is in use], I'm really not too surprised the spot was there.
As always, thanks for stopping by...