Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Good Company

On two occasions over the last few years, I had the privilege of working for one of America's most respected radio organizations, CBS Radio. That said, I must confess it wasn't as big a deal as it sounds up there. What happened was this: CBS was in the process of acquiring radio stations in major American cities. To get the stations they wanted, they had to buy out the company that owned the station I work at. When they first purchased the company, and again just before selling it, they identified the stations as owned by CBS Radio [the rest of the time, they were known as Infinity Broadcasting, a name I never much cared for personally]. No, it really didn't make us any better or worse [for the record, CBS, under either name, spent very little on improving us], but there was a sense of being better, because of the association.
I feel that same way again, with word that Amnesty International, the premiere human-rights organization in the world, has decided to be affiliated with Blogger Unite's blogging campaign, set for May 15th of this year. On that day, literally thousands of bloggers from around the world will drop their usual topics, to address the issue of Human Rights.Amnesty International USA []
will promote the efforts of bloggers to write on human rights topics, as well as providing information that can be included in the postings.
Bloggers Unite is celebrating its first anniversary by focusing its voluntary membership on human rights suppression that exists in many parts of the world. I had the privilege of taking part in the first two BU campaigns, and am looking forward to my part in this one.
It's hard to measure just how much writing on a specific topic can change the world. But raising the questions can do nothing but good for humanity. If we humans think clearly on a matter of concern, we can almost certainly work out a solution that works.
If all this is new to you, just click on the Righteous Fist Of Commitment, located in the right-hand column of this blog [don't worry, you can't miss it]. Find out how you can take part. Then, take part, dern ya!
-Mike Riley


Neil Cowley said...

Glad to unite with you for the cause.
Sweet choice of banner.

Anonymous said...

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