Tuesday, April 15, 2008

House Special

I guess I should start off by saying that this post has nothing to do with Chinese restaurants, except that many of them feature an item or two called a "house special". Usually, that's short for "whatever we have a lot of at the moment, mixed with items that we hope will be tasty with it". Yeah, it's a clever way to post another series of short items. But at least [I hope] it's clever. And so:

-the Internet is still NOT hooked up at home! First of all, the company in question [no names, but let's hope they can't hear me now] had an issue with the way The Woman I Love and I handled our long distance. After running up a large bill, and paying it off, we chose to just not reconnect the service, choosing to use a phone card for the rare times we called long distance. Well, they left the "block" on our phone line, making it impossible to connect DSL [why the two items are connected, I can't say]. Then, after resolving that, the company forgot to put the order in. Then, when they DID put it in, they didn't send everything we needed to connect it. And then...well, you get the idea [there are three or four complications I skipped, to give you an idea how involved this is]. Hopefully by this weekend. But somehow I doubt it.

-My taxes didn't go out until April 15th [today, as I write this]. But there's a good reason for that. For the first time in my life, I've actually got to pay Federal taxes. I can't believe it! Like many Americans, TWIL and I are struggling to get by, and now I'm actually paying Federal tax. What's the deal with that? All right, I'm done whining now. Thank you for your patience.

-The "Link Love" widget to your right is finally working. The problems came down to my total ineptitude in copying HTML code. But all problems are now solved, and any EntreCarders who drop here now get a link, as well as EC points. Want one for your very own? Click on the place where it says to, and, if your coding skills are better than mine, yours should be working shortly.

-Spring seems finally to be on the way [although it's snowing in the Rockies, and 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside as I write this], so that's something to be cheerful about. Hope things are cheerful where you are. Now, in lieu of a fortune cookie, check the "You Want Answers?" Magic 8 Ball further down on the right side. No, it's not a cookie. But it lasts longer...

-Mike Riley