Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Of Gods And Games...

I don't know why [probably something to do with having done this for too many years], but lately, when I'm at work, I find myself with too much time on my hands. Thank the gods for the Internet! It's a marvelous source for free [well, cheap] information, entertainment, and games, games, games [a briefly-considered title for the Motley Crue anthem "Girls Girls Girls!"]!

In the first category, this item from It looks at the very real possibility that archeologists have found the true birthplace of worship to the ancient Greek god Zeus. (For those who haven't picked up a copy of Edith Hamilton's Mythology [or, for the old-school krew, Bullfinch's Mythology] since high school, a brief overview:

Zeus was the principal god in Grecian mythology. He was said to be head of the gods, who lived on Mount Olympia, and spent most of their time, if the legends are correct, drinking ambrosia and trying to get into the tunics of mere mortals who struck their fancy. Zeus, among other powers, was said to hurl thunderbolts from the sky [marginally better than empty ambrosia goblets, I guess]. There were temples and statues dedicated to Zeus throughout Greece; the most famous statue was a monumental work at Olympia, home of the original Olympic Games [artist's rendering at left]. The Olympic Games began as a form of worship to Zeus, by the bye. For that matter, many forms of leisure activity began as worship to one god or another, including theatre [who knew?]).
I'm not sure if resolving exactly where divinity worship in Greece began actually makes our current world a better place, but I suppose archeologists and researchers need something to justify their educations and salaries.
Skipping entertainment [hey, if you really wanted entertainment, would you be here?], the Internet is a great place to find games. This one, BoomShine, is at once one of the most frustrating and infurating puzzlers I've run across in a dog's age. Highly recommended [parents who want to steer Junior away from those disturbing "shooter" games so common on the 'Net can rest easily; nothing gets blown up here but a series of dots, and the effect is rather like watching a fireworks display while looking through a few layers of Saran Wrap]. Incidentally, I found BoomShine through a great "link farm", All My Faves. This one doesn't have Everything on the World Wide Web, but it does have just about Everything You'd Want, and there is much to be said for that. Bookmark or 'Fave' this...
-Mike Riley
P.S.: The second eye surgery went as well as the first. Thanks for all the prayers and kind thoughts. Life without glasses [except for "close work"] is truly fascinating, and I hope to put a few thoughts on the matter in a future post - MR