Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Watching The Wheels Fall Off...

Is it just moi, or are any of the rest of you on the Blogosphere having trouble executing a three-point turn without encountering Something New about Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate for vice-president? And when are we to hear something substantive from the political flavor du jour?
Like most people, I thought Palin's selection by Presidential candidate John McCain came out of right field. Yes, I've heard all the comments that she has more "executive experience" than Barack Obama [and for the moment, let's ignore the fact that Palin probably administers more elk and caribou than humans]. Sure, Democratic veep choice Joe Biden once lifted part of a major speech from one given in the English Parliament, without acknowledgment. What college sophomore, in this Internet era, can say he or she hasn't committed the moral equivalent of that act? (We can't call it edifying, but it was almost inevitable)
I wouldn't even mind the Palinmania that seems to be sweeping the US, if she'd at least had a hit single or two [I mean, the Beatles waited to come here until they were atop the US charts]. My memory of the Eighties isn't as good as it used to be, but I don't seem to remember Geraldine Ferraro getting this much hype when the Democrats nominated her for VP. Could it be because [Heaven forbid] she's a former beauty-pageant contestant/TV sportscaster/"pothead" [by her own admission]? (I was the second and third, but have never entered a beauty contest. For obvious reasons...)

I guess my real problem here is that, at a time when the Other Issues [war, economic free fall, loss of world respect, (add whatever I've missed)], we're dwelling on eyeglasses, hair styles, and other peripheral matters. Then again, how is this different from any of our recent Presidential elections? For God's sakes, people, FOCUS...

-Mike Riley


Relax Max said...

Mike, your insightful post has sent me running to read the constitution again. Just to refresh my memory. Yep - it still says the VP's main job is to sit and watch TV until the president dies, and cash a paycheck every two weeks. And it is ok to watch the TV at home. Unless the VP has an urge to sleep in the corner of the Senate, from time to time.

Goldern it, if Chester Arthur and George Bush could do it, so can Sarah. That's if John McCain's heart fails or he strokes out on the job. Not to worry. An idiot can do the job. Wait a minute - and idiot IS doing the the job.

Let me jog your memory about Geraldine, the Democrat Darling. She got lots and lots and lots and lots of attention. It was just all favorable because she, like the media, is a Dem. Well, except for the part about her husband being a crook. But that passed.

And, also refreshing your memory, Gerry and Wally took one state in that election. His home state of Minny Soter. Or whatever. Couldn't even carry Gerry's home state.

The question is not about moose and beauty pageants. It is about whether or not she can stay awake during Senate debates on the days she chooses to show up.

Even Little Joey Biden could do that...

Relax Max said...

I wish people would focus on the issues, too, Mike. Before it's too late. Or is it already too late, my friend? I'm glad there are still some people out there, like you, who care. Thanks.