Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Guru Departs

For members of the American Baby Boom [I was born in 1957], the passing of any icon of that era leaves us solidly in Contemplation Mode. It's an appropriate mindset when we concider the passing of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The Maharishi, as he was usually referred to in the United States, was the creator of Transcendental Meditation (TM), based on a Hindu technique of mind self-control. He first taught the procedure in the 1950's, but his real breakthrough came in the mid-60's, when the Beatles became interested, and visited him at his then-home in India. The photo above is from a visit the Maharishi made to Wales in 1967.
Like many such trends of the time, TM was dismissed as "hippie talk". But the concept has since become accepted medical theory. The Beatles were only one of several rock groups and solo stars to embrace meditation. On this side of the Atlantic, several of the Beach Boys became supporters of the movement, going so far as to release a song called"TM" on one of their albums. The Beach Boys stayed in the movement longer than the Beatles; it's said they broke with the Maharishi after he was critical of their drug use while studying with him in India.
How successful has TM been? Well, according to its American website (,
some six million people have taken the course of study required for one to become a practitioner of the technique. [How many people currently practice TM, either in the US or other countries, is probably subject to some uncertainty]. And, let it be noted, the Maharishi was known as the "giggling guru", because of his habit of breaking into laughter while being interviewed. Someone that happy must have been onto something.
-Mike Riley
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