Thursday, January 10, 2008

Writer's Blo...

Hello again, friendly readers. If you check the date stamp on the last essay to grace these pages, you'll no doubt note that it's been almost a month since last I wrote. It's not for lack of trying, or even a lack of interesting potential topics. In my own life alone there was a fall on Thanksgiving that dislocated my right elbow [and I'm right-handed, of course; otherwise there's no joke there] and the holidays came and went [usually good for a posting or two].

On the news front, the US Presidential race is gearing up, Britney went bonkers [AGAIN! (In connection with this latest melt-down, let it be noted that abuse of Oxycontin, known in the legal trade as "hillbilly heroin", is being thrown around as a possible cause. Between Britney and her newly-knocked-up sister Jamie Lynn, am I the only person who sees any story about the Spears family tagged "trailer trash"? I didn't think so...)] and the writer's strike continues [turning the People's Choice Awards broadcast into a highlights show, and the Golden Globes into a news conference (albeit a well-staged one)].

Nothing. Like the old vaudevillian, I can start 'em, but I've got no ending, I tells ya. There's a pile of "stubs" in my files, desperately waiting for an ending. Any ending. Even "Then everybody left" [Alright, maybe not that ending, but you know what I mean]. So I'm thinking, maybe a column of quotes on writer's block. Start it off with an illustration of wb in action [I chose this picture after noting how much he looks like me. Except the hair. He has some, I don't. Call it my "fantasy me".]. Then some well-researched quotes on writer's block. Only problem with that is, most of them run along the lines of, "Writer's block is to swordfish,, er, it's a real pain!" It doesn't seem worth my time to write it, or yours to read it.

So here we sit, broken-hearted. Tried to write,, that's not going to help, EITHER! Now what? Well, look at the bright side. This may not be the best post I've ever written. But I do have a finish, finally -

Good Night, Everybody!

-Mike Riley