Friday, January 26, 2007

Time [is on my side?]

Once you've had a blog "up" for a little while, you probably start playing with it. You know, changing elements, or the order in which they're displayed on your page. Maybe you'll even change the entire template that your page is based on. That happened to both of my web pages, this one and http://visionsfromthe I added clocks, changed the order of items, eventually changed the templates. At the moment, I think they look pretty good [Then again, I reserve the right to change it all next week. Or maybe not.].

One of the ways I get inspiration for these changes is to visit other blogs. This morning, while checking the site for fresh fingerprints...err, I mean postings, I checked another site, and found the counter that's reproduced below, just before the commercials. It's courtesy of The National Priorities Project. I'm not taking sides on Iraq in this posting [for the record; I, personally am against the war, and hope the President changes his mind about increasing the number of U-S troops in the region.]. By pointing out the counter, though, I just want to raise a point that even the neocoms may get: the war is costing the United States about $30 a second [based on Congressional allocations]. The debt it leaves behind will be paid by our children. Will they curse us for leaving them the check?


Anonymous said...


I like your templet here. It looks nice and clean. I am still trying to figure out things that I can do with my blog. A friend of mine searched for me on Google and could not find my blog. I'm trying to figure out how to get myself out on the world wide web. How did you find me?

Yes, the war issue. Well, I'm with you on that. I was hoping the President would change his mind too but it sure does not look that way. I think your counter on the bottom says a lot. Thanks for doing that!